Website Design


Creating a website is not a one-size-fits-all project.  Each business has their own needs and wants in this digital format.  A good website will entice viewers to stay and look around.  A great website will have them come back for more!

Basic Elements

Most websites begin with a core set of pages.  These pages begin to define the company in terms of its public outreach.  Standard pages include Home, About Us, Contact Us, and usually one more page with additional information.  This core set should be easy to navigate and have contact information in easy to find places.  

The Bells

Usually, the next set of pages includes news-related posts or blogs, portfolios of past work, or downloadable links for the viewer to learn more about your products or services.

The Whistles

These pages are usually added with a specific goal in mind.  Often include pop-ups for newsletter sign-ups, online stores, appointment scheduling, interactive maps, employment opportunities, and more.

The Cherry on Top

Effective SEO key phrases or words to your backend content and photo listings will help search engines find your site.  Google Analytics reports where your visitors are coming from and which pages they visit.  This type of information helps to determine how to provide content that your audience finds most interesting and relevant to their needs.